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Many Summer Annuals Still Available

Hey there! How are your gardening beds looking? If you’re like me at all, some of my annual flowers have gotten a little… um, dry in this heat! At Riverbend, our remaining Summer annuals are priced half off, and if you are looking for some instant revitalizing in your gardening beds, coming by to pick some up and tearing out the dry, dead-ish looking ones can be just the ticket! Below are some pics of what we’ve still got available!

These plants will add continual color for you up until our first frost, which in our Middle Tennessee region is usually around mid- October. More than two plus months to enjoy the bright, festive colors of Summer in your yard for a majorly discounted price is a win-win if ya ask me (and why I will be stopping by myself to pick up some annuals!!)! I may even pick out a few Coleus that boast Fall colors, so as the first of September start to roll around, I’ve got reds and rusts and yellows in my landscape, all ready for Autumn!

Caladiums! Gorgeous, colorful plants that work well in part sun locations! A grouping of these would really add a bold pop of color around the base of a tree, scattered in a gardening bed, or in a container pot!

All of the above are different varieties of Coleus. I love each one by itself or mixing several of them together! What do you think about them?

Moss Roses! So pretty; these in a container pot along with some taller caladiums behind them would be stunning!

While we are beginning to transition these next couple of weeks into planning for mums and pansies to arrive (and our other Fall annuals), we also have some sun impatiens, shade begonias, and new guinea impatiens still available!

The annuals we still have from Summer are happy and healthy and like mentioned above, HALF OFF! A great deal for a few more months of great color!

We are open ’til 6pm on weekdays and 4pm on Saturdays; we’d love for you to come by!

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