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Keep a "Garden File Folder" through Pinterest

The temperatures outside have been heating up and no doubt you are seeing many flowers in bloom in your own garden or as you drive around town! A visit to your local nursery can be quite fun (pretty much every time of the year if you ask me ), especially at this time of the year because you will see so many plants in bloom and really get a feel for what you like. Keeping a simple garden journal can be a great way to remember those plants you are interested in or want to find out more about, and with everything and most everyone so tech-savvy these days, Pinterest can be a great simple tool to use to create an online garden journal and folder.

Right now at Riverbend Nurseries, we have so many trees about to bloom (Crepe Myrtles, anyone?!), shrubs, perennial and annual flowers, and even fruit- bearing bushes in bloom! Taking a stroll, especially now through our perennials, is a great idea as many perennials are at their best during the late spring and summer months. Here are just a few of the many perennials that are flowering/ beginning to flower now:

‘Stella de Oro’ Daylilies

Delphinium- a great choice for a blue flower!

Coreopsis- this variety is named ‘Jethro Tull’

Of course, Hostas are putting on quite a show with their striking foliage for the shadier gardens, as well as Heuchera (pic below)

Heuchera ‘Cracked Ice’

If you are planning out what you’d like in your gardening bed, taking a picture with your phone and uploading it to your own ‘gardening’ Pinterest folder (be sure to take a pic of the name too so you know what it is!) can be an easy way to keep your ideas together and in one spot where you can look through and decide what you’d like to purchase and plant. I have found that personally useful for myself as I add beds to my yard.

There are so many great pictures of specific plants on Pinterest, and if you know what region you are in, you can search for plants specifically good for your area (in Middle Tennessee we are zone 6b or 7, depending on what source you look at).

We are present on Pinterest- following us on Pinterest (under Riverbend Nurseries) and looking at our folder entitled with our name will show you specific plants that thrive in this area!

Many will link you back to our website where you can read more about that particular plant!

We’d love for you to follow us on Pinterest and keep up with beautiful plants native to Tennessee as well as others that can flourish in your garden!

And we hope to see ya soon at the Nursery

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