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Veggies and Herbs are Rolling In!

Garden fresh herbs and vegetables….mmmm, enough to make my mouth start watering, how about yours?! We are offering a great variety of veggies and herbs for your backyard garden, raised bed, or container gardening! Below is a list of the yummies we’re offering this Spring and Summer!

Vegetable plants:


Tomato ‘Brandywine’

Tomato ‘Yellow Brandywine’

Tomato ‘New Girl’

Tomato ‘Pruden’s Purple’

Tomato ‘Supersweet 100’: The cherry tomato we’re offering that keeps on producing!

Tomato ‘Cherokee Green’

Tomato ‘Cherokee Purple’

Tomato ‘Orange Blossom’

Tomato ‘Rose’

Tomato ‘Striped German’

Tomato ‘Valencia’

Tomato ‘Pink Beauty’

Tomato ‘Bellstar’ Roma

Tomato ‘Juliet’ Roma

Tomato ‘Big Beef’

Tomato ‘Bradley’

Tomato ‘Celebrity’

Tomato ‘Mountain Fresh’


Pepper ‘Ace’ Green Bell

Pepper ‘Yankee Bell’ Red Bell

Pepper ‘Sweet Sunrise’ Yellow Bell

Pepper ‘Cayenne Cheyenne’

Pepper ‘Habanero’

Pepper ‘El Jefe’ Jalapeno

Pepper ‘Tiburon’ Poblano

Watermelon ‘Crimson Sweet’

Cucumber ‘Marketmore’

Okra ‘Clemson Spineless’

Squash ‘Slick Pik’

Cantaloupe ‘Earlichamp’

Eggplant ‘Mangan’

Zucchini ‘Dunja’



Basil ‘Red Rubin’

Basil ‘Genovese’


Chives ‘Purly’

Dill ‘Bouquet’

Cilantro ‘Santo’

Lavender ‘Ellagance Purple’

Oregano ‘Greek’

Parsley ‘Forest Green’ (curled leaf)

Parsley ‘Titan’ (flat leaf)


Salvia officinalis (common sage)

Stevia rebaudiana

Thyme (creeping)

Thyme ‘German Winter’

Thyme ‘Orange’

Well, now that we’ve made everyone hungry…. Our vegetables and herbs are grown right here at Riverbend Nurseries and are being offered now! As we sell out of a particular variety, we have plenty more growing that will be available quickly. So, now we want to hear from you! What’s some of your favorite veggies or herbs you enjoy in your garden?

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