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Trees Suitable for Under Power Lines

Have any of your trees recently been trimmed because they were getting too close to the power lines? Some of ours were! Within the last couple of months the power company has come out to many neighborhoods around our area and has trimmed trees that are getting into the power lines. There are many trees that can be planted under those electrical lines and not ever get close in size to being needed to be trimmed by the power company. In this post we will list out several of those varieties so you will know your newly planted tree will not be getting the necessary, yet sometimes abrupt haircut that is given to larger trees in the way of the power lines.

Trees planted under power lines should be at or less than 25′ at maturity. Below are some trees and larger shrubs that fit that bill!

Acer Palmatum- Japanese Maples

Amelanchier ‘Autumn Brilliance’- Serviceberries

Cercis Canadensis- Redbuds

Chionanthus virginicus- White fringetree

Hamamelis ‘Arnold’s Promise’- Witchhazel

Ilex- Hollies

Magnolia ‘Jane’

These trees (and large shrubs) will stay under 25′ which is typical height for most electrical lines, so you can plant to your heart’s content without them getting too tall for your space.

Planting season is just beginning! What plants and trees are you excited to plant this Spring? We enjoy hearing from you!


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