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Witch Hazel is a Winter Staple

I was at our Garden Center a few days ago and saw Witch Hazel in bloom! Here are some gorgeous pictures I had to share with you.

Picture looking outside your window in the cold months of January and February and seeing these fiery orange and red blooms peppering a shrub in your yard!

That is precisely the time that Witch Hazel blooms, and on top of its unique looking flowers, it has a mild pleasant fragrance as well.

Coming in a range of beautiful colors and sizes, it’s difficult to decide on just one variety!

A few facts on this shrub:

Witch Hazel has few pest problems and is relatively disease resistant.

It works well in clay soil (which many of us have an abundance of around Middle TN!).

Pruning may be done in late spring or early summer, after it has bloomed.

Pruning in the fall or winter will result in cutting off the buds that are forming to bloom in late winter/early spring.

Many varieties have excellent fall foliage!

What more can be said?!

Have you had Witch Hazel in your garden before? Are you familiar with this shrub?

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