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Planning a Wildlife Garden

As winter continues to push towards spring, we will begin to see more and more wildlife returning to our area, coming back from warmer climates, and coming up from the ground as spring arrives in a month and a half. I have already seen one of my favorites- bluebirds (!) checking out our bluebird house to nest in this spring! If you love nature yourself, or have kids that are inquisitive and interested in wildlife, a few simple additions to your backyard could turn your yard into a space perfect for many types of birds, bees, frogs, and butterflies to live and flourish! Now is the perfect time to prepare for a spring wildlife garden.

Any one of these additions or combination of these will add more flapping and fluttering around your backyard in no time at all this Spring!

  • Bird houses: not all bird houses are meant for all birds. If there is a particular birdie you are especially fond of, look into making sure that bird is native to our area and what type of house they prefer.

  • Hummingbird feeders: hummingbirds are a joy to watch! Their little wings flap 40-80 times a second!!! Yes, per second!! I have a hummingbird feeder in my backyard and have enjoyed seeing them for years at it. I’ve also found they love flowers they can sink their long beak into; they have loved the Hyacinth Bean Vine I’ve grown the past couple of summers.

  • A couple different types of bird feeders/ different foods: there are so many cute bird feeders! Different feeders will attract different types of birds and well as different seeds can attract certain birds. Sunflower seeds tend to bring the widest variety of birds in our area.

  • If it is butterflies and (a few) bees you’re wanting to attract, planting these will bring them to your yard: butterfly bush, pincushion flower (Scabiosa ‘Butterfly Blue’), wildflowers if there is room in your yard, and flowering vines such as Morning Glory or Clematis.

  • Keep your birdbath full of clean, fresh water to attract more birds. Birds will not usually bathe or drink murky water or water that has been stagnant for a few days; it takes a little more time to pour out the old water and put in fresh, but it is so fun to see those birds splashing around in the birdbath, isn’t it?!

Regularly fresh bird bath water might even attract a frog or two!

  • Building a small pond can attract frogs!

  • Plant a new tree: in a few years it will provide a space for birds to nest and perch, as well as a nice shady area in your yard.

These options are sure to invite many birds, bees, frogs, and butterflies to your backyard! What ideas would you like to share on how to attract wildlife to your yard? What are some of your favorite animals and insects to attract? Thanks for stopping by!

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