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Air Plants are the Newest Trend

Hi there! Have you finished your holiday shopping? If you are looking for a few inexpensive, trendy gifts to give, Air plants may be just the ticket!

You may or may not be too familiar with them yet, but be on the lookout for these cool little guys to show up more and more as a new option in house plants.

Part of the Tillandsia family, air plants are all the rage right now!

Along with being eye-catching, good for the air we breathe, and just super cool in general, they are also very low maintenance!

In our greenhouse at Riverbend, we are offering several different varieties right now!!

Some of these beauties will conveniently hang (what a neat ornament idea that would last the whole year thru!),

while others will add appeal to a side table or bookshelf.

Perfect little gifts for the gardener in your life,

or the cousin who loves the latest trend,

or the sister who has a desk job and would love something pretty and interesting at her desk to enjoy,

or for yourself because you just think they’re really fun!

Growing and caring for air plants is easy:

-Air plants love bright light, but not direct sunlight, and they love to be indoors.

-Watering is simple; just mist with a little spray bottle a few times a week.

If you have a really dry environment, mist daily or every other day.

-Most air plants will thrive in temps of around 70 degrees and above.

-Air plants are usually glued to cork, driftwood, coral or stone. Rarely does one adapt to soil!

We’d love for you to come by and see the different types of air plant beauties we offer! What questions do you have regarding them?

A great last minute gift idea for most anyone on your list! Happy holidays!

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