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All about Chrysanthemums

I resisted the urge to name this blog post ‘Mum’s the word’ (!). Besides, we aren’t staying quiet about mums- they are the celebrities of today’s blog post!

At Riverbend Nurseries, our mums are beginning to brightly bloom with beautiful colors! This year we are offering reds, oranges, yellows, white, pinks and purples! Our mums are grown right on site and we take special care in watering them and handling them to ensure they are the fullest, most vibrant chrysanthemums around town!

A few FAQs about Mums:

  • Mums love full sun and the varieties we grow are PERENNIAL! Yay! Yes, plant them in the ground after you are done showing off their brilliant color in a container by your front door! They will come back next spring!

  • Mums usually bloom in the summer time- there is a little trick to have them bloom in Autumn. Around July 4th, pinch their stems off (you will probably see small buds formed- just pinch away, it won’t hurt the plant) about 1.5 inches, and they will then bloom for you in the Fall.

  • Mums make a very nice cut flower (perfect for bringing those extra touches of Fall indoors at this time of the year!), as long as you make the little snip in the back of the plant or near the bottom of the mum so you don’t lose the overall fullness that help make mums so pretty.

If you haven’t stopped by Riverbend yet to pick yourself up some Autumn prettiness, what are ya waiting for? Along with mums, we have pumpkins in of all shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as straw bales and other great outdoor décor (including cute jack-o-lantern pots!!), perfect for Fall!

Thanks for stopping by!

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