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Vegetable Gardening to-do's for Summer

Hey there! Looking out on my vegetable garden got me thinking about all the yummy fruits and veggies we are enjoying from it this summer. Then it got me to thinking about some things to do during the rest of the month in the vegetable garden… so here it is:

1. Continue to frequently harvest your veggies.

Frequent harvesting encourages new growth for your plants which in turn gives you more veggies! Make it a fun little thing to go out back with your family every evening and pick the veggies that are ready (or that’s what we like to do!). It’s so awesome to see the kids picking the newly ripened fruits and veggies- they get so excited to do so and it is really a joy to see them learning where our food comes from and how it is grown!

2. Keep on weedin’.

Bleh! But so good to stay on top of the weeds so they don’t overcrowd the gardening beds and veggie plants. I need to go weed mine out, honestly (ekk!)!

3. Bring out a pen and paper.

If you don’t have a little gardening file on hand, you might find it useful to have one. A small notebook or keeping a Word document file of notes about your gardening can be great to look back on next spring when you are looking to plant your new garden. What was that tomato’s variety that you are enjoying eating so much? What are the plants you’re loving and the ones you can do without next year? What kind of soil amending did you do at the start of the season and does it seem to be helping your veggies stay healthy? You get the idea!

4. Begin thinking about a fall gardening crop.

Here in Tennessee, we can grow many veggies in the fall. Lettuce, kale, spinach, radishes, cauliflower, cabbage, and garlic are just some of the different fall vegetables that can be grown in our area in the fall! You can begin thinking about buying your seeds and planning out what you’d like to plant and where you’d like to plant it.

A simple little list of ideas! What veggies do you like to grow in Autumn? Happy Monday!


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