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Fresh-cut Flower Bouquets

Fresh-cut flower bouquets, straight from your own yard. Oh, oh, oh, sounds so heavenly for a flower lover, doesn’t it!? There are many different small shrubs, perennials, and annuals that make great cut flowers and beautiful arrangements for your outdoor table or in a cheerful vase in your bedroom. In this post, we will look at some of these tried-and-true options together, sure to make your home and table setting extra pretty this summer. There is a huge range of flowers great for cutting available at your local nursery, and at Riverbend, it is no exception! We offer a wonderful variety of spring and summer blooming flowers that thrive in our area! Below are some of those options!

  • For flowering shrubs that have beautiful flowers for summer bouquets, you cannot beat Hydrangeas, Roses, and Gardenias. Hydrangeas provide the beautiful, large cluster of small flowers that look spectacular in a vase! Roses are just as sweet as can be (as long as you watch those thorns!), while Gardenias have one of the best fragrances out there for a flower- they smell divine (yes, they really do!).

  • As far as perennials that are a great addition to a fresh cut bouquet, Black Eyed Susans, Coreopsis, Monarda ‘Fireball’, Foxglove, Coneflower, and Salvia are just a few of the many options there are! Frequent cutting of blooms on your plants encourages new growth on them too, which is healthy for them.

  • Annuals that are great fillers for a fresh cut bouquet include Zinnias, Dahlias, and Lantanas.

As far as colors together in cut bouquets, the sky’s the limit. Do what ya like! Some people prefer only one or two colors of many different shades (such as many shades of pinks and yellows together), while others prefer five or six colors together, while still others love a monochromatic color scheme.

There’s no going wrong when you plant flowering shrubs, perennials, and annuals with fresh-cut bouquets in mind. What a sweet treat to see flowers from your garden gracing special places in your home!

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