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Top Shade Perennials for Our Region

We all have those little shady spots in our yards, don’t we? Some of us have more shade than others, but we all have those little areas where we would like to add some color and interest. Like in that spot under the tree, or in the nook almost under the back deck stairs, or that one corner of the yard that seems so dark and uninspiring….. what do we do about those spots? Well, we could leave them alone of course, but if you are looking for a few options for plants that thrive in mostly shady/ filtered sun spots, read below and see some options that may work great for ya!

Perennials that do well in shadier spots

  • Hosta

  • Japanese Painted Fern

  • Lenten Rose

  • Coral Bells

  • Columbine

  • Solomon’s Seal (picture below)

  • Jack Frost

  • Astilbe

  • Autumn Fern

  • Bleeding Heart (picture below)

If you have a spot that is so dark that it seems like nothing could grow there, I would recommend trying a couple of options, such as the ferns, to see if anything would thrive in that dark shady spot. But most shady spots in the yard have filtered sun here and there through tree branches/ leaves or have 30 minutes to hour when the sun shines indirectly in that area, etc.

This is a good sampling of the many options for those shadier spots in your landscape. Many of the above perennials flower at some point during the year, with Lenten Roses even flowering in the winter (so so cool that it flowers when nothing much else is!). Besides loving shade, most of these guys prefer moist, well drained soil (eek! We don’t want root rot!). So, what are ya waitin’ for? Get that shady spot comin’ alive with some of these options and other shade lovin’ perennials you find!

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