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Cherry Pickin’

It’s that time of the year!! Cherry picking season, strawberry picking season, soon to be blueberry and blackberry and raspberry picking time! Yummy!

Did you know that Riverbend Nurseries offers fruit-bearing trees and bushes that we grow ourselves here in Thompson’s Station, providing you with quality plants that are taken care of here and come straight from soil right in your neck of the woods?! With that in mind, all you have to do is decide what kind of fruit you want to grow, come see us, and then get to deciding what recipes you can’t wait to try with all these delicious berries and fruits you’ll be growing!

Okay, so maybe it isn’t really that simple :), but it’s close to it, except it usually takes a couple years for fruit trees to bear fruit, so those recipes for cherry streusel and peach dumplins’ will have to just be satisfied with store- bought fruit until your own homegrown ones are ready.

Come see us and we will help answer questions you have about growing fruit bearing trees and shrubs, as well as help you find just what you are looking for! Now, with all these cherries, I am just deciding if I am making a cherry streusel or cherry kuchen.

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