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Columbine: a Shade Perennial

Deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Columbines grow wild and free. Taking a hike through the majestic peaks, you can stumble upon meadows full of these and other wildflowers growing in the spring and summer. Columbines, in particular, are a graceful and elegant bloom, ranging in colors from violet to red, yellow, and white. Voted the state flower of Colorado in 1899 by a group of schoolchildren, and discovered in 1820 by a well known mountain climber climbing Pike’s Peak, the Columbine is a beauty that has caught people’s attention and admiration for many years now. Their bloom is unique and very delicate looking; a sweet, simple announcement that Spring has arrived to stay. Although Columbines grow in the wild in Colorado’s mountains, they can also be grown in other parts of the world and here in middle Tennessee (just not wild).

At Riverbend Nurseries, we offer a beautiful variety of Columbine (Aquilegia) called ‘Songbird Mix’, featuring gorgeous, delicate colors of burgundy red, violet, and white. They are just beginning to come into bloom, and they are so beautiful (love ’em )!

In our climate, Columbines prefer part sun/part shade. Morning sun with afternoon shade would be ideal, especially in our hot, humid, dry Tennessee summers. They will definitely thrive best in your garden with some good relief from harsh afternoon sun. These are a perennial in our area also, so they come back year after year (YAY!)! They are an angelic little Spring blooming flower, sure to delight any flower lover’s heart (and they attract hummingbirds!)!

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