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Riverbend Kid's Club!

Come rain or shine (or snow or ice!) our Kid’s Club is back in full swing!!!! For the past several years, Riverbend has offered a fantastic way for kids to come learn more about nature and have tons of FUN while doing so. On the second Saturday of each month, Riverbend Kid’s Club meets at 10 AM at our retail/ supply outlet location (corner of Lewisburg Rd/ Hwy 431 and Thompson’s Station Rd). Each child can participate in a fun nature- oriented craft and then (weather permitting) we head out to our garden (that later in the spring, the kids actually help plant veggies and herbs in!) to pick what is in season or work out there together (nothing intensive- pulling a few plants from last season to make room for this year’s crop). We know you love seeing your children become more interested in learning where so much of our food comes from and seeing their smiles as they make their bird feeders, or whatever the craft may be that we offer that month!

This month; this Saturday actually, the Kid’s Club will be planting some seeds in our greenhouse which we will later plant in our outside garden. Your child will be able to see how a seed starts from the beginning and next month or when you come shop our nursery before then, he/she will be able to stop by and see how their little sprouts are growing! Weather permitting, Saturday we will also go out to our little strawberry patch and clean up to prepare for this year’s strawberries (YUM)!

Some FAQs about our Kid’s Club

  • Many ask what the age limit is for our Kid’s Club. We do not have one, as we love for any age to join in and have fun with it! If you have a little one younger than 4, you will probably be assisting him/her with quite a bit of the little projects we do, but please do not let that deter, we would love for him/her to participate! We also have some kids come that are 11- 12 years old, so there is a great mixture of ages!

  • Our activities of craft time and gardening usually last no longer than an hour.

  • Another frequently asked question is how much it costs to join the Kid’s Club. It is $5.00 per child per workshop, AND parents receive a 10% discount on the purchase of any plants grown by Riverbend on the Saturday of the workshop (!).

  • When our garden is up and going in full swing during the summer months, one of our frequent activities to do during Kid’s Club is for each child to pick their own veggies from the garden THEY HELPED GROW. It is great for your children to be apart of the beginning (like this Saturday when we plant the seedlings) when they first plant seeds, up to when they actually pick the veggies fresh from the garden. What a sense of excitement and accomplishment they each feel as they take home vegetables and fruits they planted themselves! That’s part of the joy and reward of gardening!

We love serving your family and our community by offering this fun, educational, kid- inspired club that allows your children to become more acquainted with how much pure enjoyment and benefit there is from nature and gardening.

If you have any questions that were not answered here (or anything else to say for that matter! ), leave a comment and I will get back to ya! And again, Kid’s Club is happening THIS Saturday at 10 AM! We hope to see you there!


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