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She Sheds

We have all heard of man caves. Their popularity rose in the late 1990s/ early 2000s and as home size has increased in the past 30 years, many men have had a "man cave" in a den, basement, or bonus room. But ladies- we would love our own personal relaxing space, too! If you have the space in your backyard, that's where a "she shed" comes into play!

As a result of the pandemic, at the nursery, we have seen a big uptick in the trend of homeowners wanting to create an oasis in their backyard. Along with amazing plants, privacy screening, and relaxing seating areas, "she sheds" can add functionality and a mini retreat in the backyard. She sheds can be described as a mix of a tiny house and a functional shed. They have become more and more popular over the last three years. Their popularity will most likely continue to grow post-pandemic as more people work from home and spend more time at home now than in recent years.

Photo courtesy of Country Living

What is the purpose of a she shed? It can have many purposes and can function in many ways, depending on your needs and personality. She sheds can be potting sheds (as shown below), plant jungles, or greenhouse spaces (for the gardener or plant lover). For someone wanting a tranquil place to create, they can serve as a writing shed or a craft/sewing shed. They can also serve as home gyms or an extra living room/ hangout space. At their core, she sheds are meant to promote tranquility and relaxation; a place to be surrounded by nature and enjoy a personal favorite hobby or creative outlet (or a good nap!).

Photo courtesy of Domino

When dreaming of building a she shed, you should think about the following:

  • Decide its functionality. What purpose will it serve for you? What furniture will you need (if it is a writing space, what size desk would you want? If a sewing space, would you also need a table to iron fabric on? etc.)?

  • Choose a spot in your yard and decide its dimensions. Choose a flat spot in the yard. Most of the time she sheds look best facing the house, but not always. Also keep in mind the direction of the sun in relation to your she shed and plan windows accordingly.

  • Plan windows/electricity/heating/cooling. Be sure to budget for these accordingly, if you do not have electricity (for example) already in the area your she shed will be.

  • Will you build it yourself or buy one prebuilt? There are many nice prebuilt options available now, such as what is shown below. If you decide to DIY it yourself, there are many options and plans online to help you get started.

Photo courtesy of Tuff Shed

How would you use your she shed? Share with us your dreams and ideas for one on Facebook or Instagram!

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