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Organic Soils Offered at the Nursery

We offer several types of organic soils, fertilizers and the like here at the nursery. Today we are focusing on two of those companies to tell you more about what kind of organic products they specialize in and what we offer here at Riverbend. Both companies mentioned today are based in the USA; we are proud to support fellow American small businesses.

Holy Cow

We began offering Holy Cow's Organic Garden Soil this spring! We are very selective about what we offer at the garden center and seek out only the finest products and companies to work with. Holy Cow is a local company based just north of us in Hendersonville, Tn, and they have been producing high-quality, organic soil for 25 years. Holy Cow's garden soil is an all-organic blend of high-quality screened topsoil, earthworm castings, pine fine soil conditioner, leaf compost, mushroom compost, and a touch of sand for drainage. It is an excellent product to use when building raised beds, amending vegetable beds that are directly in the ground, as well as amending poor soil in new or existing gardening beds that trees/ shrubs/ flowers will go in. This garden soil is available now by the yard or sold individually by 1cuft bags.

In addition to offering Holy Cow's Garden Soil by bulk and bag as well as their Survive and Thrive (shown above) product by bag, we also offer FoxFarm's organic line by bag.


FoxFarm was born in the 1980's out of a desire to offer a different kind of garden soil that was not sterilized in any way. They have grown from a small, family operated company based out of California into an internationally recognized brand in the landscape and gardening world. As they have grown as a company, quality has remained their number one priority. We are happy to offer a full line of their products at the nursery, including their Planting Mix, Happy Frog and Ocean Forest potting soils, liquid fertilizers, and more.

For info on pricing and availability, please call us at 615-468-2008 or stop in. Happy spring planting and we are here to answer any gardening questions you may have this season.

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