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A good hummingbird garden takes more than just flowers:

  • Provide water for drinking as well as bathing

  • Create both sun and shade areas in your garden as they need a place to rest as well as a place to build nests


Hummingbirds must feed 3-5 times per hour.  They will become reliant on your garden for food, but there will be times when there are not enough blooms to support them.  It is a good idea to hang a feeder(s) in your garden.

If hanging more than one, they need to be hung 30 feet apart as hummingbirds are very territorial.


Never fill your feeder with anything but sugar-water (a mix of 1 part sugar to 4 parts water).  Do not use food coloring and never use honey!  Honey can develop a fungus which can be fatal to hummingbirds.

Always keep your feeders clean and filled!


Hummingbird’s Favorite Flowers:



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