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It’s easy to increase the number and variety of butterflies in your garden.  All you have to do is grow the plants caterpillars like to eat and plants that adult butterflies feed on!  Butterflies don’t need anything fancy or expensive; just a large, open, sun-filled area with flowers!


You might even consider planting an herb garden as butterflies love them!  Herbs such as dill and parsley are great host plants for caterpillars so be sure to plant extra; some for you and some for the caterpillars.


Very few butterfly species cause harm to garden plants, so it is best to avoid all pesticides.
If they do become a nuisance, picking the larvae off by hand is best.


Butterflies can’t drink from birdbaths or other open water sources.
Be sure to give them a damp spot of wet sand or dirt and they will often flock around it.


Butterflies do not look for a certain color, but bright colors that they can see from the air.  They also prefer flat blooms or blooms that are easy for them to land on.  They do need protection from the wind and predators; groups of small trees or shrubs, fences or vines will give them the protection they need.

Below is a list of plants that attract butterflies.  You can also check out our video!

This video has been deleted.

Plants that attract butterflies:

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