Select* B&B Trees are now 75% off

*Look for the red tags attached to select B&B trees for a huge savings.

These select trees are left from last year that we dug; they are healthy & strong, they just need to be lovingly planted in your yard! Watch the video below for more details on when to fertilize them & then a link is shared below for tips on how to plant these larger trees. We are always happy to help, so ask us any questions!

Link to guide to helping you plant B&B trees mentioned in video.

Products mentioned in the video:

-Bush doctor Root Drench by Fox Farms: Organic and natural, it helps roots absorb optimal nutrients.

-Holly-tone fertilizer: a great, organic fertilizer.

-Fox Farm's Happy Frog fertilizers: another option for organic fertilizing.

-Miracle-Gro Fertilizer Spikes: 15-5-10 ratio, giving your tree a big boost of fertilization this Spring. Used instead (not in conjunction with) of an organic option.

These selected trees on sale won't last long! We would love to see you soon at your locally owned, locally grown Riverbend Nurseries.

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