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Back to School Vase

It is that time of the year! Pretty soon buses will be running again and children will be headed back to school. So, why not talk about a really cute, easy, and budget friendly gift to give your child’s new teacher? Love it- let’s talk about it!

We are making this really adorable little vase with flowers:

This idea comes from Marci Coombs and Giggles Galore , and it is just so cute and clever.

What you need is:

  • one clean mason jar or other clear vase (Dollar Tree has some simple nice looking ones)

  • a bag of magnetic letters (you may have tons of these at your house already on your fridge and you can spare a few, or Dollar Tree or Walmart usually carry them)

  • pretty ribbon of your choice

  • a bouquet of flowers, either from your garden or grocery store (you can get small bouquets often for $5 or less!)

Instead of a ‘thank you’ tag as the picture shows, it could just sport a pretty bow or you could make a tag with the new teacher’s name.

Voilà! So simple and cute to boot! What teacher wouldn’t love something so sweet sitting on her desk as the new school year begins?


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